Book Review: Will To Victory (Roddy MacLeod)


Roddy MacLeod's new book, Will To Victory, has arrived! The first thing that came to mind when I picked up Will To Victory was the weight. This thing is solid! The pages are so thick I kept thinking I was flipping two instead of one. This is of course because the book is built primarily from pages upon pages of high-quality, breathtaking photos which offer a unique perspective and aim to reproduce the feeling one has being at the racetrack. They capture the details that we don’t get to see in most modern-day media publications, which tend to focus on the highlights of a given race day. They present the reader with a deeper, more meaningful look into the mind of a motorcycle enthusiast - something any current fan will instantly relate to. For a former fan who may have lost touch with the sport, it will conjure fond memories of days at the races, and compel new fans to learn more and to experience this feeling for themselves. By exhibiting photos of fans and the people behind the sport, Will To Victory showcases the human element and sense of community that spans motorcycle lovers from all walks of life, while incorporating enough details from the racing action to draw out the competitive aspect of motorcycling and beg the question, why?

Will To Victory delves into the mechanics of what motivates racers to compete at the highest level and pursue their desire to be the best. The first part of the book follows the best riders in the world through the 2018 MXGP season and provides in real time what the pursuit of victory looks like through the eyes of those who hunger for it the most. The latter part takes us on a journey through the minds of the all-time greats of the sport as they attempt to define victory and what it means to have made it a part of each of their careers.

Will To Victory is a must-have collector’s item for any motorcycle or racing enthusiast, and is a standout gem to be displayed at the forefront of one’s bookcase. Highly recommend!

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